Discover the Black Hills

To the east of the mesmerizing Black Hills National Forest, in Western South Dakota, lies the very charming Rapid City. Also known as the gateway to Mt. Rushmore, and home to the iconic ‘City of Presidents’ life size sculpture. No wonder, Rapid City is one of the most popular tourist destinations for people of all age groups, around the globe.

Rapid City is always buzzing with life and energy. There is so much to see and do here that no one can ever see it all or do it all in one single trip. Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences in life and Rapid City makes it even more amazing! HoJo Rapid City is one of the most famous hotels for the amazing comfort and delight it offers to all its customers.

If you are planning to visit Rapid City, here is a ‘must see and do’ list to make it a remarkable holiday:

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

We have seen it in the movies and read about it across the internet, it’s time to visit! The iconic sculpture depicting 4 US presidents- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, is carved into Mt. Rushmore. There is also an informative museum with many interactive exhibits.

Custer State Park

A beautiful and spectacular state park and wildlife reserve nestles in the Black Hills. It is home to the well known herd of 1500 bison that roam free and wild. There are many other species of wild animals too.

Sylvan Lake

Within the Custer State Park is the ‘crown jewel’, Sylvan Lake. Perfect for a family picnic, adventure sports like hiking and rock climbing and even swimming. The scenery is straight out of a beautiful painting and the experience is unmatched.

Rushmore Tramway Adventures

This unique theme park is a perfect place to spend an enjoyable and memorable day with the complete family. It offers many unique experiences such as chairlift, zip line, hiking and treetop obstacle courses.

Why Choose HoJo Rapid City?

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